A week today, it will be the Westmorland County Show. The show keeps improving and is a real highlight of the year

. I’ll be there, helping out with biosecurity and welfare and no doubt passing the time of day and discussing all matters veterinary.

Biosecurity is, to my mind, an unfortunate word carrying associations with FMD 2001.

In truth, it is a vital part of modern farming. Pig and poultry producers have recognised this for many years and most of the larger units have strict entry and exit requirements to prevent diseases gaining access to their farms.

Those with young children know that in the next few days, the first of the autumn sniffles will start – all stemming from mixing with a new group.

The same problems apply to moving animals around and all vets recommend having a quarantine facility on farm.

Any returning animals should stay here for at least three weeks to be sure no disease are brought home.

This applies to new purchases, animals from shows and from distant grazing land. Making your Farm a Fortress is a good policy in keeping out many diseases; not least of which includes TB.