THIS photograph has brief information on the back - ‘Mishap when loading lime at Kendal Goods Station.’ It happened in March or April 1955, and there must have been some red faces as a result!

Presumably the Pennington’s lorry was loading lime from Kendal Quarry into a goods wagon when something went very wrong. Loading and unloading lime must have been a regular procedure, so it is surprising that this vehicle ended up with its front wheels in the air, and some non-plussed men standing around.

According to the information on the back of the photograph, the man in the belted raincoat was Mr R S Rigg, the goods agent at the station. Harry Bowman, with the buttoned waistcoat, peaked cap and hands in his pockets, was the foreman, and the Pennington’s driver was Horace Galloway.

Do any of readers recall this ‘mishap,’ and how was the wagon recovered?