After all the outcry, protests and correspondence about the new parking machines in South Lakeland, there must be a simpler way to ensure that residents, visitors and businesses do not feel that they are being ripped off.

Perhaps a whole new approach is needed. Adapt the machines to make a charge of £1 per day, for that day only, to park in any South Lakeland District Council car park.

Weekly, monthly and annual permits could be available, as they are now.

No-one would object to £1 a day.

There would be no cars parked in desperation in residential areas, private roads and on pavements in an effort to avoid the present ridiculously high charge for parking.

The council would derive a regular income, motorists would be happy and we could well see a return of visitors to the area who are, at present, being alienated by high charges and parking fines.

This may seem too simple and sensible, but perhaps our councillors could give it some consideration, always remembering that car parks should be for the benefit of motorists and not an easy source of income.

Mrs P. Hovey, Kendal