CAN I make one thing clear, I've not been missold PPI. But I have been mistold that I've been missold PPI, if that helps?

Maybe this should be against the law, where’s our payout?

I say this because there's a lot of PPI sales people out there who keep ringing our home phone after 7pm.

I don’t know about you, but we have an unwritten policy in our house, which the world is unreasonably expected to observe.

And that is, you’re only allowed to ring our phone after 7pm if someone has died. And in fact, you’d have to be pretty close family to even qualify for that relaxation of the rule.

The passing of unknown second cousins on the outerlying limbs of Nana's family tree, can wait until tomorrow.

At best, I’ll accept an email with a red flag on it.

Parents with young children, like me, get fraught about the house phone ringing at night, because our first thought is it’ll wake the kids.

This is the modern-day equivalent of disturbing the Kraken.

Rather than answering, we like to surround the intruding phone; hissing at each other like medieval witches around a cauldron.

Me: "Who do they think they are ringing us at this time?

She: “Risking the wakening of the kids!”

Together: “The only bit of the day WE get to sit down.”

Then we get into a competition: “No, you answer it! See who it is! Tell 'em they’ve nearly woken up the kids.”

It rings off of course – just as the first shrill cry sends the baby monitor into five lights.

I have a similar intolerance for unsolicited door-to-door salesmen.

"What are you doing knocking on our door? Oh, so you tried ringing the home phone but there was no answer, wasn’t there? Well my door is only to be knocked on by people I know.

“And even then people I know, know that they have to let us know they're coming round. And don’t ever knock after 7pm again, I thought it was the police."