WELL, 2012 was a very frustrating year for skywatchers. Because the weather was so bad we missed meteor showers, eclipses, transits, noctilucent clouds and more. 2013 can only be better!

Unfortunately there are no major eclipses to look forward to this year, but cross your fingers for clear skies in March and November, because that's when bright comets will be in the sky. The one in March should look like Comet Hale-Bopp did back in 1997, if you can remember that? November's comet could be the brightest for centuries, with a beautiful, sky-spanning tail.

If you want to hear more about these amazing celestial visitors, we're holding a special Astronomy Night at The Box at Wildman Street, in Kendal, from 7pm on Friday night, January 11. There'll be an illustrated talk, plus telescopes, meteorites and more. Free admission, but come early to guarantee a seat!

Stuart Atkinson

Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal