66 CHANCES, by Neil Buxton, £6.77 ISBN 978-1-492801450

The author, Nick Buxton, a building manager at Furness General Hospital, Barrow, originally wrote 66 Chances as a motion-picture screenplay.

But now, after working on the story for four years, he has transformed the plot into an action-packed paperback.

Air-conditioning engineer Simon is single, dissatisfied, and has been letting life pass him by. So when his student friends John and Emily ask for his help with their Human Aspect Scanner - a machine that can capture glimpses of the past through harnessing powerful residual energy - he jumps at the chance to be part of something exciting.

Set in the historic city of Durham, the tale takes an unexpected turn when the gang find an old photo of Simon, enjoying life in 1912.

The story begins to unfold, but do the many questions and mysteries ever get answered?

The novel is exciting, fresh and an enjoyable read.