AN ISLAND FIT FOR HORSES by Michael P Ashton, £9.49
ISBN 978-1-491256459

This debut novel from former Kirkby Lonsdale businessman Michael Ashton presents a new twist on the exclusive sport of polo.

He spins a yarn that begins in Cumbria and climaxes on the Greek island of Ithaca.

The book tells the tale of Nick, a British entrepreneur who sells used military vehicles for a living, and runs his own polo team for enjoyment.

When Nick gets the opportunity to take an extended break on Ithaca, he finds himself offering to organise a fundraising polo tournament on an island known for thousands of years as ‘unsuitable for horses’.

Not only has he chosen the most inappropriate venue, it soon becomes clear that not everyone is fully behind the game.

Mr Ashton describes it as ‘a book for polo lovers, horse lovers, and for those who love travel and the Greek Islands’.