Many people will be aware of a proposal by Lancashire County Council to cut subsidised evening and weekend bus services.

As a councillor who opposes this move, I'd like to urge people to respond to the council's consultation which ends on January 17. The consultation is at .

Many of these proposals will badly hit people who do not own a car, people on low incomes and those in rural areas.

Overall the cuts proposed would make a relatively small budget saving, but will massively raise the cost of travel for poorer people.

As a county councillor, I am fully aware of the budget pressures facing all local authorities, and I know that there will be claims that some bus services are not currently well used.

However, at a time when the council can commit to spending £10 million on the Lancaster northern bypass, a road that will not ease congestion or bring economic benefit, a blanket cut of all evening and weekend end services is not the right course of action.

The council should instead be doing all it can to improve and promote public transport use and be lobbying for re-regulation of the bus services.


Gina Dowding

County Councillor, Lancaster Central