Everything we see comes from the earth’: this was the surprising conclusion I reached on a recent walk. By ‘earth’ I mean land, air and sea.

Obviously plants, trees and flowers derive their sustenance from the earth from which they grow.

Then it only takes a little reflection to realise that every human construction is essentially made from raw materials which come from the earth.

What then of living beings?

All, including you and me, are ultimately dependent on land, sea and air for survival.

This is a very sobering thought, and one which should make us truly humble (L. humus = ground).

‘You were made from dust, and to the dust you will return’, we read in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Is that all we are? Amazingly we also read in Genesis that human beings are made in the image of God, which means that we have personality, creativity, and are filled with the living breath of God.

We have a majesty which we often fail to see.

Although we come from the earth, we have been touched by heaven.

Let’s embrace our majesty - with humility.

As I ended my walk I noted that all that grows on the earth is dependent for life on the sun, which provides the heat and light that draw life from the earth. The earth cannot sustain us on its own.

We too, as human beings, need the sun for physical life – and we also need the Son (Jesus) for spiritual life.

The Rev Kath Dodd

Co-minister of Hawkshead Hill Baptist Church