LIVE A LIFE OF NO REGRETS, by Suzie Hayman, 978-1-444187076, £10.99

Suzie Hayman is a Kendal-based counsellor and agony aunt and author of 30 books.

She writes an advice column for Woman magazine and has written weekly columns for several national magazines.

Live a Life of No Regrets is about giving people the guidance to ‘live the very best life you can’.

Suzie advises the reader to follow a seven-step plan to keep life free from regrets and ‘toxic’ decisions.

From making time for your children to keeping in touch with friends, the book guides you through the steps and offers you daily support and long-term strategies to dramatically improve the way you feel about life.

Each chapter faces the everyday regrets we all have, from ‘I wish I had pursued my dreams and ambitions’ to ‘I wish I had made my body a temple’.

It’s a fascinating read, both practical and easy-to-implement into your everyday life.