Christian Viewpoint. What is it?

A challenge to be kind and helpful to one another or a reminder of reconciliation? People of any faith or philosophy can hold such views.

Christian Viewpoint must be something different.

Christians are followers of Christ, so should they let their attitudes be largely fashioned from His?

But where to find them? Obviously not in man-made traditions, or legends.

We may try to seek Him in mediaeval art, music, theology and so on but although these may express some of His attitudes, none of them are the origin.

The only place to find His words and actions are in the Bible.

Even then, we need to see what the whole of the Bible says on a subject, not just one chapter or verse.

Of course, people will have different ideas as to what it means. Look at the debate on the leadership of women in the Church.

However we would all agree that Jesus raised their status, protecting them and their children.

We have to agree on the principles, but not necessarily on the details.

Jesus had ideas that were revolutionary in their day. ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit...the meek...the merciful...the pure in heart...the peacemakers...’

He taught us to pray ‘Forgive us as we forgive others’. No revenge.

‘Come to me and I will give you rest’ - no need for comfort-eating and drinking and that’s only the beginning!

In my opinion, any viewpoint calling itself Christian has to be based on Christ’s, from the Bible, but what do you think?

Mrs J. Hedges

Heron Hill Free Church, Kendal