IT’S SPACE station spotting time again! The last time we were hunting for the ISS it was in the morning sky, and was drifting through the heavens at ‘you're having laugh o'clock,’ but this week it will be visible in the evening sky at much more sociable times.

To see the space station, go out on the following dates, at the following times, face the west (the direction where the sun went down a few hours earlier) and wait.

After a few minutes you'll see a bright star rising up from behind the horizon. This isn't a star, it's the space station!

Those details...

February 13th: 19.20pm

14th: 18.31pm and again at 20.08pm

15th: 19.19pm

16th: 18.30pm and again at 20.07pm

17th: 19.18pm

18th: 18.30pm and again at 20.06pm

19th: 19.18pm

Remember: If what you're seeing is flashing, it's a plane. If it's just hanging there, motionless, it's a bright star or planet. And although they won't show you any of its huge solar panels, or the astronauts onboard waving out its windows, binoculars will make the ISS look much brighter and clearer.