THE New Year has happily burst into action in the residential market. We are delighted to see so many wonderful projects opening up for 2014. It means, I hope, that we are all, maybe feeling the benefit of a little more positivity towards the future climate.

The Lake District has always been a popular area for obvious reasons, what’s good to see is that the investment or second home properties are being nurtured for full time occupation in the future.

That means our clients are looking to modernise and upgrade above the standard of perhaps an average rental property. They are investing value and worth into their property to reduce unnecessary maintenance and concerns in the future.

If it’s worth doing - it’s worth doing well! We specialise in the refurbishment, re-modelling and project management of Lakeland properties.

We could not do this without the further expertise of respected architectural and specialist consultants to ensure the building and structure is safe and up holds all necessary planning and building regulations.

For our part we cherish the presentation and characteristics of each and every individual property without unnecessary over enhancement. We like to work with the client to develop their overall goal and fundamentally create a home.

A home full of warmth, comfort, and oozing hospitality. It can be beautiful, but it also has to offer a practical environment for you, your family and friends to feel relaxed in without unnecessary ‘maintenance’ concerns.

Most of our properties are period, and just in need of some discerning TLC. Often, there have been some unfortunate design statements made in the past, which can over guild the Lily and offer no longevity to the feel or value of the property.

We hope we can start by taking these back to their original state…modernise amenities and then add the warmth through finishes, textures and light. Some are modern new builds which we enjoy developing with the client to satisfy their individual needs and lifestyles.

We plan the spaces they intend to live in, how they would like to live. Often, a hand holding relationship is all that is required. Sometimes, just help visualising decisions. Before decisions are made. Whatever helps you create your perfect environment?

We do like to think we offer some comfort through the process, and a certain style which has been described as ‘understatedly elegant.’ What you spend really is up to you, you do get what you pay for! We can suggest ways forward with good design sense, and you can customise your requirements accordingly. It is your home and your investment!