We all love a good story. I have wonderful memories of the power cuts in the 1970s, and being read to by enforced candlelight.

Even as adults, we enjoy the escapism of a story on the radio, or even through a tale over coffee.

It’s in our genes to want to listen to tales of heroic deeds, funny situations, or warnings of what happens to unfortunates who don’t listen to wise council.

As Christians, we have an important role to play in passing on our own stories about how we became Christians and how God uses us and works in our lives.

Psalm 66:16: Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.

At Lakes Christian Centre, we have an evening called ‘Her Story’, where we invite along female friends to share a meal and listen to one of their stories.

Some stories are sad, some funny, some tragic, but they all speak of an amazing God who is faithful and relevant today.

It is a gentle evening of laughter, and more often than not, tears, but there is nothing more powerful than hearing first hand how God saves, loves, inspires and redeems his children today.

Yes, today, not just 2,000 years ago! How he is active, and effective, in our lives, with our problems, anguishes and fears.

Be brave, and share your story. It is important because it tells of your experience of a living God.

Maxine Antonelli

Lakes Christian Centre