What sort of a man was Jesus? Gentle, meek and mild?

He was a very brave, special man. He knew well in advance that if he continued on with the mission God wanted, he would have to go to Jerusalem.

There he would face and endure a rigged trial and the cruellest execution invented by man - crucifixion.

Three times he told his friends such a trial would come. With cold courage he continued with his mission, caring for people of all kinds, not just nice people.

He healed sick people including lepers no one else would go near.

He taught - love your enemies and be good to those who hate you, give to those who ask you. Do for others just what you want them to do for you, love your enemies and do good to them.  Lend to people in need, and do not expect to get it back. Do not judge or condemn. Luke 6 27-36.

On Sunday, Palm Sunday we remember his arrival in Jerusalem, facing execution, yet he did not falter.

If that was God’s way to enable mankind to have a new and loving relationship with Himself and a better life, both now and after death, Jesus was ready to accept it, Jesus, God’s special Son, was and is bridging the gap between God and man.

He died in agony to bridge that gap. Jesus’ teaching and example is what all the world needs today, and every day and is ‘Good News’ for all people.

Peter Storey

Sandylands Cornerstone Church Kendal