During the 1960s and 1970s I was head of Industrial Engineering for the John Bright Group, Rochdale (now closed) and am always happy to meet former employees.

News has reached me that a former member of the Quality Control Team is now residing in Kirkby Lonsdale and I would be delighted to meet the person again.

They were happy days, perhaps the best days of all my employment history.

Kirkby Lonsdale retains a very special place in my memory, as both myself and my sister Pat (deceased) enjoyed much of our education in and around the village.

Now, when opportunity permits, visits to Kirkby Lonsdale persist with walks along the banks of the River Lune and memories of my pet Schnauzer dog running up and down the river bank, chasing as many ducks as possible.

It was also the spot where I learned to swim.

I can be reached on 01260 (Congleton) 290103 or by e.mail - dfstanworth@gmail.com

David F. Stanworth