FLIGHTS OF FANCY by Harry Fancy, £6.99 (Amazon)
ISBN 978-0-982552506


NETHER Kellet writer Harry Fancy, a retired museum curator, has dedicated this book of ‘tortuous tales’ to ‘harmless eccentrics everywhere’.

Whether he chose to feature 13 stories because of that number’s assumed association with ill luck is unclear.

But it is highly possible given Mr Fancy’s tendency towards the horrific, bizarre or just plain weird that the numerical link is a valid one.

He confesses he has been influenced by science fiction and such off-beat luminaries of the literary world as Edgar Alan Poe, Franz Kafka and Luigi Pirandello.

One fan, David Knight of Manchester, says in a tribute: “If you’re a fan of quirky surrealism, take a flight and let your pilot Harry fly you to parts of his unfettered imagination beyond the usual destinations.”

A ‘flight of fancy’ probably worth the metaphoric airline ticket.