Vote for me. I’ll look after you. Vote for me. There’ll be better school dinners. More climbing frames and computers for everyone...

And so the election promises continue, until I hear a rather different approach.

‘Vote for me. I know I’m sometimes naughty but I’m quite a nice person inside and can be very kind.’

Now I may have got the words slightly wrong, but I haven’t missed the sentiment.

No they’re not candidates for parliamentary elections or local elections, rather primary school pupils hoping to be chosen to work on their school council.

I wonder what it is that we find attractive in others? Those we select to serve us nationally and locally in our communities, schools, churches and so on?

The more I discover about Jesus, and about the good news of the gospel message, the more I realise there is the potential in us all to serve God, each other and to enrich community life.

History is packed with examples of men, women and children who have been willing to use their gifts and skills and to work with their weaknesses.

We all have skills and talents to offer.

Are there ways we could be serving and helping others?

Andrew Whittaker

St Mark’s Church, Natland