THE GHOST OF THE TRENCHES by Helen Watts & Taffy Thomas, £5.99 ISBN 978-1-4729-0787-5

 THE Ghost of the Trenches and other stories from the First World War has been compiled by a Carnegie nominated author and an award-winning storyteller.

 Both during the Great War and in its aftermath people created hundreds of legends and stories around it that spoke of the sadness, the heroism and the deaths.

In the Introduction, Helen Watts and Taffy Thomas say, “Of those lucky few who came home from the Great War, everyone returned with a different tale.

Most of these contained some element of truth but sometimes, as they were passed on from one mouth to the next, that truth became exaggerated, moulded and blended with increasing amounts of fiction.

From the haunted U-boat to the ghost of the trenches, Watts and Thomas have brought together a compelling and moving collection of ghost stories from both sides of the conflict.

This fascinating selection includes tales from Britain, France and Germany and is made up of folk tales, myths, ghost stories, legends, mysteries and superstitions.