Who do you trust ? Whose words and promises do you believe? Where do you go to find trustworthy reporting on world events?

It is hard to find a clear route through the maze of information and opinion available today. Many people are satisfied with a simple, polarised view of the world while others seek a range of sources.

It has been reported recently that many young people leave our education system lacking a functioning moral compass.

The stark yet vital issue of telling right from wrong is on the political agenda – and it is not a straightforward exercise.

Any parent or teacher, trying to nurture young children and form the foundations of the next generation, struggles with this daily.

Matters of perspective, relativism, religious belief and personal philosophy can collide and confuse.

Into such an important debate those who build their values and lives on the Bible are able to bring a wealth of wisdom and sound advice.

More than that. For Christians the Bible is God’s word, the instructions of the creator to his creation. What better starting point could there be?

Several lifetimes would not be enough to exhaust the study and application of the truth contained in ‘the good book’.

Maybe now is the time to open it wide and let God’s words of truth bring light and clarity to the next generation.

Peter Barfoot

Head teacher St Mark’s CE Primary School, Natland