I am sitting, looking at what looks like a very complicated jigsaw puzzle!

At our monthly Ings Knitwits afternoon, we are occasionally presented with bags of knitted squares, which are crying out to be made into blankets and sent to vulnerable people in various parts of the world.

The latest offerings consisted of about 80 two-tone six inch squares, in a variety of different colours.

To avoid a complete mish-mash, I tried putting corners of the same colour together to create one large square, and this seemed to work quite well.

I now have ten of these squares and several six inch squares left over.

Now, I’m facing the task of sewing them all into one large blanket, and this is where it becomes problematical because a) I haven’t enough squares to make a full sized blanket, and b) I can’t actually make my pieces fit the rectangle.

I think my life is starting to get a bit like this – how to fit in all my many and varied activities and yet still manage to focus on the priorities?

Leading the monthly service of hymns and prayers at the Abbey Residential Home in Staveley this morning has reminded me that it’s the simple things which matter and I just need to have faith that I can keep my Christian journey on a straight road.

Matthew 7 v14: ‘For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few’.

Sue Osmaston

Parish Secretary, St Anne’s, Ings