FAIRYNAN’S FLIGHTS OF FANCY by Dulcie Matthews, £6.99 ISBN 978-1-908098887

THIS delightful children’s book, written by Lakes author Dulcie Matthews, grew out of the stories she told her first great grandchild.

Using the stunning Lakes landscape as a backdrop, she reveals Fairynan’s adventures among fairies, goblins and elves.

Fairynan has been magical from an early age, able to see and hear things that other people didn’t seem to notice.

In this book - illustrated by fantasy artist Paul Rose - she embarks on a series of ‘flights of fancy’ in chapters such as The Goblin Fairy-catcher and the Dark, Scary Cave and Fairynan’s Adventure at Niagara Falls.

As Dulcie says: “As we grow older it is too easy to lose our sense of wonder and surprise.

“These stories are for everyone who still belives that anything can be possible if you keep your heart open to miracles.”