Sanctuary has become an obscurity within our homes in these days of perpetual intrusion into our lives. Every medium imaginable has been exploited to ensure peace and quiet eludes us every hour of the day.

Over the past four years, I tried to escape these unsolicited intrusions by changing my phone provider three times. Almost immediately the calls started again, even though I opted to be ex-directory each time.

The only option for me was to switch off my ring tone and voicemail to maintain my privacy and sanity.

I decline from giving my landline number anymore so the phone can silently ring itself off the wall when randomly dialed by these people.

I restrict the use of my home phone to making outgoing calls only and withholding my number.

Once upon a time the telephone used to be situated in the hallways of houses all over the land. We welcomed the sound of it ringing because it indicated a most appreciated call from our loving families and friends.

Now it has become the Devil’s parody in our homes, causing stress and episodes of psychotic behaviour throughout the land.

Unwanted intrusions are not restricted only to our telephone. My first task every morning after logging on, is to delete, delete and delete 70 per cent of messages from my inbox send from ‘well meaning’' strangers offering to enhance the quality of my life.

When that very nice Scottish gentleman, Mr Bell, invented the telephone, I am sure spreading global insanity was not his intention.

Michael Casey

Kirkby Lonsdale