Around the 1940s as a young girl I would go to Kendal Green Hospital and the workhouse. My dad was a porter there, booking people in for the night, and my mother worked in the hospital part-time.

I have some lovely memories of talking to the people or sitting in the kitchen and talking to the cook, but Christmas was the time I really loved.

My uncle, John Ward, had a shop in Kendal and he would come with mince pies and take them round, and I would help him.

On Christmas afternoon they would have a party. Master and Matron would decorate the dinning room, give them a Christmas tea then they would get all the old people up for a dance. Later they would all receive a parcel – even me!

The Master and Matron are on the photograph above, standing in the middle of the back row, and my father, Mr Martindale, is standing 4th from the left on the back row.

The man second on the left of the back row is perhaps Doctor Cockhram and the lady second on the left on the front row is Brenda Wilson. Do any readers remember anyone else in the picture?

Joyce Robinson (nee Martindale)