48 GOING ON 50 - 1984 AS IT WAS FOR ME by Audrey Wilson, £20

HOW well do you remember 1984?

For diarist Audrey Wilson, the year is etched on her memory thanks to the meticulous journal she kept from the stroke of midnight.

From her daughter’s wedding to the miners’ strike and Prince Harry’s birth, it seems that no detail escaped Audrey’s biro as she recorded daily family life and current events, inspired by George Orwell’s book 1984.

Keeping the handwritten chronicle was her new year’s resolution, so that on December 31 she could say ‘this is how 1984 was for me and those I love’.

For those of us who were there, Audrey’s impressively detailed journal - complete with photos and press cuttings, including from The Westmorland Gazette - is guaranteed to bring memories flooding back.

On sale at Sedbergh’s Sleepy Elephant gift shop; on request from WH Smith, Kendal; or from Audrey on 07530-226898.