Having read the route of the proposed cycle lane for Wildman Street at Kendal (Gazette, August 10, 'Lane closure sparks furore') I am beginning to wonder what the Cumbria County Council planners are thinking of.

A cyclist coming from Station Road and travelling to the ski shop on New Road arrives at the three-way junction between Station Road, Longpool and Ann Street and has to cross two lanes of motor traffic to get on the cycle lane down the left hand side of Wildman Street.

He or she at the other end of the street now has traffic wanting to turn left across his or her path on to Castle Street. At the same time they have to move across to the right hand side of the road to join the current cycle lane and in front of cars and lorries going straight on over Stramongate Bridge.

Immediately over the bridge, opposite the pub, they now have to move back to the left hand side of the road to join the third section of the cycle lane, again having to avoid the now frustrated vehicle driver wondering where this two-wheeled slalom is going to go next.

It is an accident waiting to happen - and an accident which will be soon in the coming.

Peter Holme