Please note the dictionary definition of 'pavement': UK US sidewalk a path with a hard surface on one or both sides of a road, that people walk on:

I read the report about the proposed plans for a cycle way to be included in the pavement along Wildman Street at Kendal (Gazette, August 17, 'Narrowing trial starts at Kendal').

I find it is beyond ridiculous to expect pedestrians to share a path/pavement - or should I say footpath - with a bicycle.

After all the money already wasted on this ridiculous notion by the county council on Burton Road in the town for the sudden desire for all of us to dash out and buy a bike. I think they need to go along and watch what is happening around Kendal.

I neither drive a car or ride a bike, I do, however, walk a lot with my dog.

On several occasions, I have had near misses with irresponsible cyclists riding along pavements, one recently on the opposite side of Burton Road to where all that money was spent to provide cyclists with ‘their’ space. It makes me wonder: why did you bother, county council?

I am not against cyclists - however, I am against giving them carte blanche to ride freely where they seem think they can.

Let’s not forget, pavements are for walking along.

Lynne Veevers