AS SOMEONE born in Grange in 1936, I couldn’t believe what I was reading when the latest South Lakeland News came through my door.

It appears Grange Town Council has been working towards a ‘neighbourhood plan’ since 2014 which, as one councillor said, would “decide on future development and protect and enhance our open spaces”!

I have to inform him there are hardly any green spaces left between Grange and Kents Bank, so this plan is far too late.

Although a committee was set up by residents protesting about the building on Trickets field and bearing in mind building on this site was turned down because of access over 20 years ago when Michael Jopling was our MP, it has now gone ahead, even though the traffic situation is far worse.

The building on this field is nothing short of criminal. Not long ago this field was full of cows and there were badgers, foxes and other wild life. Now it is full of houses crammed together, including some huge, ugly, three-storey ones completely blocking the view down to the sea for passers-by and all the surrounding houses.

More houses have been built on the way to Allithwaite and there are plans to build in Flookburgh.

Who are the people who are going to live in all these houses? They certainly won’t be local people and they will all have cars!

Have the people who agreed to these planning applications ever considered the traffic situation?

There is one way into the centre of Grange and one way out and the main street is usually chaotic in the daytime.

Finally, there are no such things as ‘affordable homes’. Having seven grandchildren in their 30s and all working, only two have got onto the property ladder, the rest pay such high rents they can’t afford to save for a deposit which is still needed for ‘affordable homes’.

Grange has been badly let down over the last few years by our councillors and MPs and is no longer the lovely little town it used to be.

Mrs V.A. Jones