PRIME Minister Theresa May says she is looking for ideas from other political parties.

As many will have experienced in their places of work, ideas are only good once the Boss has them, and you have to stop yourself from shouting: "Oi! That was my idea expressed in staff meeting two years ago!"

Someone please feed this to The Boss. Do A JFK! When he said he wanted people to stand on the Moon and return safely to Earth, it was done.

Mrs May - please play a blinder by saying: "Forget the blather and bickering over trade deals and Brexit! It is far more important is to look after Earth. The UK will immediately start to safely clean away all ocean, lake, land and river plastic in UK. Simultaneously the UK will assist across the world - and Earth will be cleaned of this scourge within 10 years from 2017.

"To fund this, the UK will immediately institute hypothecated Financial Transaction Taxes, will divert our contribution to Mars exploration and use our naval vessels to visit islands, like Tuvalu, that are already threatened by ocean rising resulting from global warming. We will be happy for as many nations and individuals, locally, who wish to contribute to join this effort."

Someone just said: "Yes, and pigs fly!" Well, I'm fed-up with the status quo, incensed at images of ocean birds and beasts starved because their guts are full of plastic and furious at reports of the accelerating pace of species extinctions.

Robin Le Mare