I had to walk in the road last week because a van driver thinks it is ok to block the pavement with his van and leave about one foot for pedestrians to walk in - and this was about 9am in Kirkland where you are not supposed to unload until after 9.15am. I have also seen a number of vans also parking half on the pavement to deliver before 9.15am.

At the moment there are no school children or college students. A number of cyclists use the path down by the river, which is what they should do but there are some who think it is ok to ride on pavements and force pedestrians to move out of their way and give you verbal abuse.

I have also seen cyclists going through red lights at the town hall or swinging on to the pavements and riding straight across the road, sometimes forcing pedestrians and cars to move out of their way.

Most cyclists do obey the law and use cycle lanes correctly - it is just some who think they can do what they want. It is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt or even worse.

There are still vans and cars not obeying the signs from Windermere Road and going straight into Stricklandgate.

I walk into town most days from the Milnthorpe Road end of the town and I see at least one or more illegal things most weekdays - illegal parking, someone on a phone or eating at the wheel.

If we had more police out on the beat and traffic wardens and all those were fined it would pay for the extra police in no time.

All cyclists should have lights, helmet, hi-vis jackets, bell or some audible warning and pay some sort of insurance - this could be done by the shops when they sell a new bike.

Ian Conway