Congratulations to South Lakeland District Council on finally deciding to remove the cars from beside New Road in Kendal and to create a riverside garden.

The present car dump - it cannot properly be called a car park as for most of us visitors it is impossible to park there - is an eyesore in the heart of Kendal. The sooner it is removed the better.

A lovely garden beside the river will transform this blighted area into the attractive urban space that it should be, providing an appropriate setting for the Catholic Church and Aynam Lodge.

The daily car-dumpers seem to manage without their dump when the funfair comes to town, so they will do so when cars are banned from this common land.

Removing the cars will not only remove an eyesore, but will also remove the sense of resentment I feel when the car-dumpers park there all day for free, while I must pay £1.20 per hour when I visit Kendal to shop.

Concurrently, SLDC is reviewing its parking policies. Let us hope that this leads to a fair and sensible charging system in all our town car parks, for the benefit of business and visitors.

Oliver Barratt