I AM writing to support charity the Action on Hearing Loss’ (formerly RNID) Speak Easy campaign, which is asking pubs, bars and restaurants in Cumbria to take action to reduce the background noise so that I and many others with and without hearing loss can enjoy a quieter dining experience.

It’s not just restaurants that have muzak blasting out, it’s the big chains that sell clothes and accessories.

After a few hours looking for and trying on clothes in one of these disco’s I just want to lie down in a darkened room.

I’m not alone - the charity’s campaign says that four in five people had difficulty holding a conversation because of the high level of background noise and eight out of ten people have left a venue early.

I am urging the catering industry to take noise off the menu so that I can enjoy going out in Cumbria with friends, colleagues and family again without having to raise my voice or guess my way through conversations.

Arthur Westbrook