So the powers that be went ahead and did it! They closed down New Road car park at Kendal without first putting something in place for all those cars to go to.

This is not on! People have been parking on there for decades and to decide now that it is a safety issue is just an excuse to get their own way.

How about using that £430,000 to fix the footbridge that goes from New Road to Gooseholme that has been shut for almost two years since Storm Desmond. There people can sit on nice benches on nice grass by a nice river and maybe even have a game of putting - and all away from a busy main road.

This town is slowly being killed by the powers that be. What with a very congested traffic system that has too many traffic lights, the waste of space that is K Village (this used to be such a busy place before it was knocked down and rebuilt), expensive parking and not enough parking places and the craziness of a cycle path on Wildman street while three lanes of traffic try to merge into one.

Give it a few more years and Kendal will be a ghost town. People already go to other towns and cities to shop. There are no job prospects for our young people except retail, care work or tourism and local people cannot afford to buy homes in their own town.

The powers that be really need to think through their actions and use a bit of common sense.

Ruth Southall