You reported the disbanding of the League of Friends of Westmorland General Hospital (Gazette, September 7, ‘Hospital Charity disbands’). The acknowledgement of the League’s contribution to WGH was well and truly deserved.

However, unfortunately the impression was also given that the League only started 25 years ago in 2002.

In fact, it was originally founded in 1947, following the introduction of the National Health Act and re-constituted in 2002 to include the Friends of Kendal Green Hospital, when Westmorland County Hospital was moved, change its name and became Westmorland General.

I believe that the Comforts Funds, which have been an important element of the Leagues, were started even before the Second World War.

I hope the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust will recognise and acknowledge in their proposed memorial plaque this much longer history of commitment and dedication for the benefit of patients, staff and the hospitals themselves, including the building of the first bungalow for patients’ relatives in 1965 and the 50 per cent contribution towards the one on the Burton Road site.

Jonathan Somervell

(Committee Member 1973-2106)