I WONDERED if anyone else has noticed the shocking decline in the standard of driving around Kendal over the last few months.

It is locals too, not 'off comers' or visitors,

Why do people not use indicators? I have seen many cars in the wrong lane at traffic lights and roundabouts, whose drivers then cut across people that have been in the right lane.

Several people are also taking risks at roundabouts and not bothering to slow down, and give way to cars already on the roundabout, and many people are speeding down the outside of the queue of traffic on New Road and then pushing their way in.

And the number of tradesmen driving around town with a mobile phone in their hands is just staggering,

I am surprised the police are not doing more checks around the town and more people are not reporting this.

I also wish Cumbria County Council and South Lakeland District Council would review the traffic flow through Kendal. There are far too many lights and pedestrian crossings, and this must be adding to pollution, especially with the number of diesel cars on the road,

Perhaps we could have a Friday of 'Polite Driving' around town.

Steve Paton