I WONDER how many people go to bed each Saturday night feeling deflated and somewhat depressed that the 'Lotto' didn't deliver once again.

We all dream of winning the jackpot when we buy our ticket but with the changes Camelot have made since they won the franchise, adding more numbers and doubling the price, are making our dream 'the imposable dream'.

Before theses changes, it was quite common to win £10 with three numbers, but now even three numbers are elusive.

I think Camelot should have a rethink and go back to the original formula.

Ticket sales are down since the 'changes' and I guess they will continue to fall away week by week as despair sets in.

I agree with funding to good causes' but not all causes are deserving. I am sure you all have read the list and may agree with me.

hen the National Lottery was first set-up, it was the 'people's lottery' - now the only winners are the senior management at Camelot and the Phantoms of the Operas.

Michael Casey

Kirkby Lonsdale