WITH all the new houses being built throughout South Lakeland and beyond, our councils are missing a big opportunity to plan for the future of domestic waste and re-cycling.

Pressure to save money on collections have resulted in fortnightly collections in South Lakeland which, in some cases, has caused problems with over full bins and fly tipping.

The possible solution is to adapt a system of central collection points as used in parts of Spain and Portugal, where a central below ground collection point has been installed.

Large skips are stored below ground level with circular bins sited above ground for re-cycling and general waste. The whole bin floor area tilts, allowing the skips to be removed and emptied into the collection vehicle.

The cost of the installation could be applied at the planning stage of any new housing estates.

This method could transform how councils such as South Lakeland finance collection. On the plus side it would rid our homes of numerous bins littering our towns and villages.

Peter Gaukroger