IT IS time now to increase salaries for Members of Parliament to £400,000 plus.

The calibre of MPs is so low that we need to get a much higher standard of MP to govern our country.

The issue has become imperative since 'Parliament' wants control of the Brexit discussions and indeed John Bercow (Speaker of House of Commons) has said that 'Parliament' has the right to reverse Brexit!

Why £400,000 per annum? The pay of MPs is absurdly low compared to what can be obtained by freewheeling middle managers in the NHS, teaching and legal professions and many other areas of public service. Why would anyone give up a ‘good job’ to be paid a lot less?

Most MPs are only suitable as county councillors and unworthy of deciding the ship of state through the Brexit process.

To justify £400,000 per annum at the next General Election (though it may be too late) there has to be more accountability.

1. There should be no automatic reselection.

2. The MP should be dismissed and a by-election called if 15 per cent of constituents sign a petition calling for their removal.

But the most important thing is getting better MPs. I watch Daily Politics, as well as Andrew Marr and Sunday Politics, and I cannot believe how such poor quality people become our representatives.

The House of Lords needs to be completely recertified too. I have always supported the House of Lords because I believe Government needs ‘checks and balances’. But the House of Lords is now full of people who care nothing for ordinary British people.

Michael Pye