It's very easy, and quite often justified, to hurl a brickbat now and then, and heaven knows anyone who knows me well - or has come across letters from me in this paper - will know that I don't suffer fools gladly, and have indeed hurled many a brickbat.

However, occasionally, there comes a time when it's an absolute pleasure to hand over a large bunch of daisies by way of an accolade.

We've been doing a bit of refurbishment. Sadly the joiner I had lined up was rushed into hospital (my best wishes) and we were left high and dry with a rather urgent joinery job in hand.

I must have made around 20 phone calls - most weren't returned, most who did return my call were already snowed under.

I would like to thank the following people who did their absolute utmost to help, 'phoning round the joiners who they knew might be able to help, but in the end who were not able to make an appearance at the last minute.

Your input was mightily and very much appreciated: David Myers, Chris Fallowfield, Sam Bell and Nigel Tullett.

A special mention, though, goes to the lovely Jim Bracken from Kendal, and of course to Sid, Carl and Doug, who all appeared so promptly and did a superb job.

You're all an absolute credit to your trade and businesses and I wish you all the very very best.

Louise Broughton