Would Rosemary Lewis (Letters, October 26, 'We need new referendum') be demanding another EU referendum if the country had voted remain? The answer is no.

The decision to hold a referendum was decided by Parliament following David Cameron’s failure to get any worthwhile concessions from the EU to address people’s concerns.

The EU, like Cameron, thought that the country would vote to remain. How wrong they were and ever since all the remain voters have done is to say that the people did not know what they were voting for and we should have another referendum.

Like it or not the referendum is binding as it is the will of the people -ignore that at your peril. Furthermore we do not have to follow EU dogma about how referendums should be conducted or be brow beaten in to submission as the Irish were to vote yes with a second referendum.

When we joined the then EEC it was to enable countries to trade freely without tariffs. Why can’t we have an agreement like that again?

The EU, however, know that our exit will create a great financial black hole in their budget ,putting the future of the European Union in great danger. That is why they are being so uncooperative in the negotiations. All they are interested in is how much money they can they extract from us.

It is claimed we are trying to negotiate a so-called transition period of some two years to avoid a 'cliff edge' when we depart at the end of March 2019. During this period things will remain as they are now, so in reality we won’t have left and we will still be subject to EU ruling. Why won’t there still be a 'cliff edge' at the end of that transition period?

Our exit negotiations should and could have been conducted in a more organised and authoritative manner. However, because the majority of the cabinet, including Theresa May, voted remain it has at times lacked any sense of real purpose, allowing Michel Barnier to dictate affairs. In fact the majority of MPs are against leaving so what will happen if Parliament votes against leaving?

We are where we are, although that is not always clear depending on which member of the cabinet is trying to assert their authority at the time.

Theresa May has been in a very difficult position throughout, some of it is of her own making. It is quite unforgivable, however, the disrespectful manner in which the EU leaders have treated her as Prime Minister of the UK. These are the very people to whom Rosemary Lewis and those who voted remain are trying every manoeuvre possible to overturn the referendum result want us to be shackled.

It is time for David Davies to tell Michel Barnier that unless trade talks start immediately we will walk away and revert to World Trade Organisation rules. He should also place a cheque on the negotiating table to cover our commitments to the end of the current EU budgeting period, telling him that’s all we are prepared to pay.

If that action does not bring a sense reality to the EU then nothing will and in such an event we should walk away and pay them nothing, in doing so carrying out the will of the people.

Digby C. Hodgson