I HAVE just returned from walking along Scout Scar and was dismayed by the number of poo bags left lying by the gateway onto the access land, across from the car park, and yet more beyond the gate.

They had clearly been there some while; it was not a case of them being left there to be picked up later.

As someone who used to do research into management of public access to the countryside, I have long been intrigued as to why some dog owners (a minority) are willing to pick up the poo but then leave the plastic bag.

Is it that they think it is the job of National Park Rangers to clear them away?

Perhaps it should be down to the landowner or grazier?

Maybe other members of the public might pick them up (I picked up several bags this morning). Or, despite all we are now being told about the effects of plastic on the marine environment, they can be left to ultimately end up in the sea.

I would genuinely be interested to hear from someone who can explain the thought processes involved to produce a conclusion that leaving a plastic bag of dog poo by a field gate is a good idea.

Ken Taylor