DURING the next five weeks chairman of Kendal Judo Club Peter Holme will use my blog to discuss the training programme of a group of boxers from the South Pacific at Kendal Dojo.

On Friday there was yet another TV crew, this time from BBC TV's Breakfast programme.

The cameras followed them as they went out onto Scout Scar for the first time. Not just for the run but also a unique Kendal Judo Club form of weight training picking up rocks from the ground and using them for a circuit.

The rocks are not balanced like normal weights and are therefore harder to lift under control. The result of the filming will be shown during BBC Breakfast programme this Wednesday.

Following this it was back to the Dojo for some more sparring. Nauru has very few boxers and they all have a normal attack but Ian [Irwin] had invited boxers from all over Cumbria for a training session.

They included the "scourge of all boxers" - two southpaws - a stance the Nauru fighters had never come across, thus meeting one of the criteria for them coming to Kendal in the first place.

It was a good session with the boxers from Barrow, Whitehaven and Carlisle giving as good as they got from the Nauruans, who appreciated the efforts made to help them improve their skills.