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Blog: It's the end of revelations from Tunners

5:00pm Thursday 15th August 2013

YOUR indulgence – and patience – is begged this week as Tunners takes a nostalgic look back over four years of column writing in the Gazette.

Blog: A Quantum of solace for our Tunners

4:35pm Thursday 8th August 2013

JAMES Bond’s hands were trembling – but not with fear. Now in his nineties, 007 had been called in to M’s office in London for one last mission.

Blog: Time for a change at the BBC?

5:43pm Thursday 25th July 2013

HOW about this for a cute business model? Someone gives you £3.6 billion each year and all you have to do is work out how to spend it.

Blog: A novel way of being Queen

5:23pm Thursday 18th July 2013

THE Queen’s visit to South Lakeland yesterday created a right royal fuss, understandably.

Blog: Harmonious medical notes

4:43pm Thursday 11th July 2013

I'M delighted this week to learn that singing is not just good for the spirit but for the heart, too.

Blog: Techno-talk is a turn-off

1:39pm Thursday 4th July 2013

I HAVE a straight-forward view of technology. It gets us into a mess, so it’s technology’s responsibility to get us out of it.

Blog: Camping is not a capital idea!

5:07pm Thursday 27th June 2013

THE first time I visited London, I was 15 and on my own, tramping the streets, laden down with a brand new rucksack containing assorted and previously unused camping paraphernalia.

Blog: A bridge back to Arnhem

4:28pm Thursday 20th June 2013

A BOOK, featured on page three of this week’s Gazette, which tells the story of tragic RAF hero Des Potter from Kendal, has inspired my own nostalgic journey.

Blog: Mattresses give inspiration

5:42pm Thursday 13th June 2013

WHY do so many of us feel guilty about having a morning lie in?

Blog: My uncle's sense of fun

5:49pm Thursday 6th June 2013

I LOVE silly humour. My Uncle Ron once amused me with this response when someone asked him how my Auntie Marian was.

Blog: Stats that do not add up

5:24pm Thursday 30th May 2013

I’M not fond of statistics, but I suppose they have their uses - if only to keep statisticians in work.

Blog: Take tick bites seriously!

4:58pm Thursday 16th May 2013

IT WOULD appear that some family doctors in Britain may need a ticking off.

Blog: Un'appi' with the concept

5:13pm Thursday 9th May 2013

SOONER or later it had to happen. I’m referring to new ‘appiness’ technology developed to monitor our daily sense of wellbeing. There are apps for everything else, it seems, so why not one for measuring a person’s happiness?

Blog: Mirren, Mirren on the wall . . .

5:16pm Thursday 2nd May 2013

ARDENT fans of our esteemed monarch could be a tad nervous this week. For a start, they may well be concerned that Helen Mirren’s continuing popularity as a Queen impersonator is detracting from the public adulation traditionally enjoyed by the real-life royal.

Blog: Entering holy matri-money?

4:28pm Friday 26th April 2013

POOR old Brucie! I’m referring, of course, to Sir Bruce Forsyth - the veteran entertainer and Strictly Come Dancing host.

Blog: Typing, not coal, for Tunners

5:13pm Thursday 18th April 2013

I’VE developed an interest in Tunningley family history, sparked by the discovery that my recorded family line dates back to 1687, the birth year of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Francis Tunningley. He was a coalminer in Yorkshire.

Letter: People will always seek excitement

5:10pm Thursday 4th April 2013

Having read the report ‘Alarm over rise in fells death toll’ (Gazette, March 21), my initial reaction was that there are so many risk assessment issues around us in our daily lives at home, work, on the way to and from work and even in our health service that it’s no wonder more people are out on the fells taking ‘high adrenaline’ risks.

Blog: Some more headline gems

5:09pm Thursday 4th April 2013

MY PIECE last week about headline ‘silliness’ spotted in USA newspapers has prompted two reader responses much closer to home - indeed the journalistic gems my correspondents are keen to share were encountered in this very publication.

Blog: Headlines silliness shock

4:19pm Thursday 28th March 2013

HEADLINE writing is one of the more pleasurable tasks in the newspaper world, though it’s often quite a skill to get the flavour or nuance of a story right in just a few words.

Ironic twists in a wooly tale

5:23pm Thursday 14th March 2013

IT IS ironic that the Campaign for Wool coralled a small flock of Cotswold sheep in a central London courtyard on Wednesday just as a row began brewing over the future of the two large Woolsack seats that have occupied the House of Lords for centuries.

Is marriage safer territory

4:14pm Thursday 7th March 2013

THE observations I made last week about forgetfulness elicited a mixed response.

Don't forget to be patient

5:13pm Thursday 28th February 2013

IT’S well known that as we age our ability to remember diminishes – although I like to think memory loss is Nature’s way of allowing elderly people to filter out annoying clutter. A sort of biological spam defence.

The psychological background to my career in journalism

5:00pm Thursday 21st February 2013

WE journalists can be uncaring bods. Over the years, I’ve written countless embarrassing stories about people.

Blog: Pipe ploy for interviews

5:16pm Thursday 14th February 2013

As pipesmoker, I was fascinated to see the BBC yesterday accused of being ‘Stalinist’ because it allegedly cut out images of the former Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s pipesmoking in a documentary to be screened tonight (Thursday).

Blog: 'Can that rodent hear us?'

5:16pm Thursday 17th January 2013

AS a hearing aid wearer, I’m pleased to learn that a drug has been developed that could successfully reverse deafness.

Blog: We don't learn lessons

2:11pm Thursday 10th January 2013

PRINCE Charles says he is ‘feeling old’ now that he’s expecting his first grandchild this summer.

Christian Viewpoint: New Year offers chance to look back

2:20pm Thursday 3rd January 2013

New Year is a time for nostalgia and excitement, as we think back over the years and look forward to whatever the coming year has in store.

An appetite for politics

2:17pm Thursday 3rd January 2013

Britain’s Prime Minister scrambling through mud and water on his hands and knees while taking part in the Chadlington Great Brook Run in the Cotswolds, last week, was not a very dignified sight.

Don't be hard on Scrooge

1:20pm Friday 28th December 2012

SCROOGE must be one of the most unfairly maligned characters in English literature.

Another 'quaintirky' story

4:27pm Thursday 20th December 2012

I TRY to be a stickler when it comes to the English language, while accepting that it must always be allowed to evolve.

I've no desire for any reunions

5:32pm Thursday 6th December 2012

I AM many things, but I’m not a twit. Well, at least not in the sense of being a twitter user.

No desire for any reunions

1:00pm Thursday 6th December 2012

I AM many things, but I’m not a twit. Well, at least not in the sense of being a twitter user.

Time for a referendum on the EU

2:01pm Thursday 29th November 2012

IT’S much harder for European enthusiasts to build an argument against Euroscepticism when a second EU Parliament based in Strasbourg costs £200m annually with no discernible benefit.

The dangers of deforestation

4:58pm Thursday 22nd November 2012

I’VE just finished reading a thought-provoking book by that late great adventurer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. Green was the Earth on the Seventh Day recalls the author’s time living like a native on a Polynesian island with his new young wife Liv.

The day I met Ken Barlow

5:13pm Thursday 15th November 2012

I’VE never been a fan of Coronation Street but grudgingly admit admiring the soap’s longevity.

Felling of the monkey puzzle tree raises questions

1:50pm Thursday 8th November 2012

THE sheer bloody-mindedness of the Lake District National Park Authority’s decision to axe the Brockhole monkey puzzle tree has astounded me.

Picking on Santa is wrong

5:06pm Thursday 1st November 2012

I KNOW smoking is bad and people shouldn’t do it, but I’m one of those who do.

Pea-pulling shifts in the 60s

11:50am Thursday 25th October 2012

WATCHING the BBC’s Wartime Farm the other week was a reminder of my own boyhood experiences in agriculture.

Further vulgar offerings

1:07pm Thursday 18th October 2012

MY RECENT observations about the quirkiness of the English language and in particular last week’s foray into vulgar words appear to have tickled a number of readers.

Letter: We should not be like second class citizens

1:47pm Thursday 11th October 2012

In response to consultant surgeon Mr Tomlinson’s letter about vascular services on the Morecambe Bay area (Letters, September 20, ‘Service loss is major threat’), health care should not be based on postal codes.

A foray into vulgar words

1:45pm Thursday 11th October 2012

REGULAR readers of this weekly perambulation through life’s joys and sorrows will have no doubt noted my peculiar interest in the quirkiness of the English language.

A sentence with five consecutive 'ands'!

1:00pm Thursday 4th October 2012

HERE’S a question. What do those wonderful words abstemious and facetious have in common?

See faith in a different way

2:25pm Thursday 27th September 2012

FROM the agnostic sidelines, I watched with no little alarm as Islamists reacted to the recent internet insult aimed at their religion.

A life of loss and longing

5:00pm Thursday 20th September 2012

I’M NOT normally interested in the marital experiences of celebrities, but have to confess to being intrigued by Sir Roger Moore’s revelations about his former wives during his TV interview with Piers Morgan last week.

New stars in the firmament

1:00pm Thursday 13th September 2012

FOR nearly half a century, we’ve hailed 1966 - the year of England’s football World Cup win - as the most glorious in the history of British sport.

Lots of linguistic loopiness

6:00pm Thursday 6th September 2012

I’m not known as a fan of Restoration comedy, but must admit to liking that wonderfully comical character Mrs Malaprop in Richard Sheridan’s 18th Century play, The Rivals.

We relied on the bus conductor

1:00pm Thursday 30th August 2012

DOING a spot of Googling this morning got me thinking how I managed without this wonderful internet tool when I first started in newspapers.

No-nonsense shopping

3:47pm Thursday 23rd August 2012

I DON’T like shopping at the best of times, but when retailers use annoying tactics to entice a sale I become so exasperated I want to lock up my wallet.

I'm a mellow fellow

4:00pm Thursday 16th August 2012

I’M quietly pleased with how mellow I’m becoming as dotage beckons.

A gold standard county!

1:00pm Thursday 9th August 2012

ALTHOUGH living and working in Cumbria, I remain a Yorkshireman at heart. And the said ticker has swelled with pride after a colleague - also a proud Yorkshireman - pointed out fascinating Olympic info.

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