We are now in Darjeeing and have been treated to two nights in a bed that is more than 2 inches thick and isn't on wheels.

We were treated to a tour of the town including a visit to the Lloyds Botanical gardens which are stil well maintained and I have been able to document a lot of the plants to show to my tutors at Newton Rigg.

The group has all stayed together and not fractious and we have high hopes of making it to the finish line intact and on time.

Must dash now as we have to catch the Darjeeling steam train half way down to Siligury, the other half has been cut off by a landslide, and then find jeeps to take us on to New Jalpaiguri for our continuation to Calcutta.

We are now almost two thirds of the way round interms of rail journies and possibly have the most dificult stuff behind us.

We were seen off at Bombay by a Times of India journalist and have appeared in their 'Crest Edition' (whatever the hell that means).

Anyway, got a train or seven to catch...