As well as helping people on a one-to-one basis with problems once they have happened, your local CAB also tries to tackle the root cause of the problem by gathering information about unfair practices and policies.

We then campaign for change and improvements locally, regionally and nationally. This helps everyone, even people who never come to the bureau. We call this ‘Social Policy’.

Last month the CAB in Windermere and Grange emailed 250 local employers with a free Employment guide covering all the basics of what to do when an employee starts, leaves, or there when there is a problem. Our small bureau deals with 500 employment problems a year, much more than the national average and we are trying to prevent future problems by helping Employers get it right first time. If you would like a copy, you can download it from our website. The address is at the end of this article.

If you have had a problem on any matter, not just employment, you can tell us about it using our online survey. The information is treated in confidence, we will add your story to our information and try to stop the problem happening to other people in future. Just click on the link and fill in the boxes: Free, confidential advice and help is available on any aspect of this article as well as debt, benefits, employment, and any other problems.

You can contact the Grange or Windermere Citizens Advice Bureau by phone or in person.

Call 015395 33100 /015394 46464 or