TODAY I’m going to tell you about farming people and families.

When it comes to helping each other out, in my view there is no one like farming communities.

When it comes to silage time our family help each other, Brian goes to his cousins with the tractor to cart the cut grass (silage) from the fields to the farm.

Then when our grass is ready they come and help us. It works the same at hay time.

We also help friends and in return they help us whether it is silage, hay, clipping, dipping or getting stock ready for sales.

Whenever anyone needs a hand we will help and they help us.

It’s a massive saving on labour and we all enjoy helping each other, the crack is good, the food is better - haha!

It also works the same if unfortunately someone is ill or injured - farmers help others without even asking. It is a ‘brill’ community to live in.

Oh well better get on as we have Michael Salton (our contract shearer) clipping the hogg’s (last year’s lambs) so I’m off to wrap fleeces.