Windermere trio offered Oxbridge places

The Westmorland Gazette: Edward Lavender, Rosie Hoggmascall and Stanislaw Biber

9:00am Wednesday 5th February 2014

THREE Windermere School students have made history after receiving conditional offers from Oxbridge universities.

Two and a half years that taught me lots

9:00am Thursday 29th November 2012

IDECIDED to become a journalist because I liked writing and I liked people. It was that simple.

Essentials for new visitors

5:05pm Thursday 22nd November 2012

TO PREPARE for my mammoth India trip I was told to search online for packing lists.

It takes time to meet people

9:00am Thursday 15th November 2012

JUST be glad you don’t go shopping last minute on Christmas Eve,” Aaron told me.

Learning from a friend

9:00am Thursday 8th November 2012

‘THIS is the life,’ she told me. She was right. Life could surely not get any better than this.

Butty scandal scarred me

5:13pm Thursday 1st November 2012

ACCORDING to a report released this week we should all be taking photos of our food.

What is it about pets?

9:00am Thursday 25th October 2012

ON THE way to pick me up from school, my mother tried to make my little sister understand.

A day when everything was bright and new

9:00am Thursday 18th October 2012

A PLAGUE has hit our office. The symptoms are along the lines of: a cough, a headache, vague feelings of nausea and the sensation of a small but vicious imp stamping on your neocortex.

Blackpool illuminations get my vote

1:50pm Thursday 11th October 2012

I AM planning my travels through India. It is like trying to get a child to plan its way around a sweet shop.

Who dares to try our quiz?

9:00am Thursday 4th October 2012

EACH week one of our reporters conducts the world’s weirdest interview.

I don't want to be a kid again

9:00am Thursday 27th September 2012

"OIF got a bruce," I said to Carrie.

The romance of a train journey

9:00am Thursday 20th September 2012

SOMETHING about train travel makes people drop their inhibitions. Passengers become crazy romantics.

I bet I looked good on the dance floor

9:00am Thursday 13th September 2012

IHAVE two fictional role models when it comes to journalism – and I fail to match up to either of them.

The trouble with minor fear

9:00am Thursday 6th September 2012

YOU can only marvel at the scale of Kendal’s Climbing Wall. The 25m wall – the tallest in England – is towering. I got neck ache from staring at the top.

Reality told me to go home

9:00am Thursday 30th August 2012

Oh dear I thought as I drove into the water-logged Solfest grounds.

I don't envy Jordan's assets

9:00am Thursday 23rd August 2012

A FRIEND asked what part of me I would change if I could alter my physical appearance.

Education is key to demise of smoking

9:00am Thursday 16th August 2012

IT SEEMS like centuries since people smoked in bars and pubs. Hard to believe it was only five years ago.

What is it with the calming coast?

2:21pm Thursday 9th August 2012

EVERYONE is on holiday except us,” I told Carrie. “The landlord is away, the neighbours have gone to Penzance, Sarah is in Spain, Anna is in Lyon and my parents are off to Prague. I’m so jealous I could just die.”

Lipstick made me an artist

2:45pm Thursday 2nd August 2012

I THINK my artistic streak first revealed itself when I was a child and found my mum’s lipstick.

Now I'm just like Bradley

4:54pm Thursday 26th July 2012

THERE were two great cycling achievements in Europe this week.

My home town fetes weren't as snazzy as Staveley's

1:47pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I ROCKED up to Staveley Carnival, on Sunday, straight from my swim at Torver.

Time to face the nightmare

4:01pm Thursday 12th July 2012

I HAVE a recurring nightmare. I have had it since I was about 12.

I shall stick with the Frog

9:00am Thursday 5th July 2012

IT IS good to be eco friendly.

A Welsh parallel dimension

9:00am Thursday 28th June 2012

THIS weekend I went to visit my journalist friend Tom, who works in Wales.

Memories to hold on to

9:20am Thursday 21st June 2012

I’m waiting to get photos back after my long weekend in Ambleside.

There's nothing in it for me

9:00am Thursday 14th June 2012

I WANT it noted that I, and many others, have not been won over by the Olympic Games shenanigans.

The stress of being a 'mum'

9:00am Thursday 7th June 2012

MY FRIEND Sarah is a born-to-be mum. She loves children. In contrast, when I hear a child crying in the supermarket, part of me wants to bury it in the tinned goods aisle, between the Jubilee chutney and the Spam.

Happy in my hat and sandals

9:00am Thursday 31st May 2012

MY summer wardrobe currently consists of the following items – One pair of red sunglasses purchased from a Scarborough pound store during a shock heatwave last year.

Will Facebook leave us blank?

9:00am Thursday 24th May 2012

YOUR earliest memory is usually a tactile one. The first fraction of life you keep and carry into adulthood seems to stick from when you are about three.

Make your life unforgettable

9:00am Thursday 17th May 2012

IN OFFICES across the land a standard 9am conversation takes place.

He stared at me. I stared back

9:00am Thursday 10th May 2012

IT IS the English way never to show too much interest in anything.

Keep off this touchy subject

9:00am Thursday 3rd May 2012

THERE are three things you should never talk about at dinner parties - religion, sex and politics.

Kissing! That's what matters

9:00am Thursday 26th April 2012

I CALCULATE that, so far, I have sat through at least 60 exams.

Shocked by woolly totem poles

9:00am Thursday 19th April 2012

I saw a spectacle that shocked me so much this weekend I nearly crashed the car.

I'll meat you half way

2:34pm Thursday 12th April 2012

I HAD been a vegetarian for almost seven years.

Superkid keeps going

9:00am Thursday 5th April 2012

I CALL him Superkid. My kidney. He is super because he does the job of two.

Why daffodils make me cringe

9:00am Thursday 15th March 2012

DAFFODILS make me cringe. They are garish, hideously yellow and hopelessly ungainly. And yet, this year, like last year, they are everywhere. South Lakeland District Council has lined the Kendal roadsides with thousands of the things.

Turn out was just Heaven

9:00am Thursday 8th March 2012

AS A kid I was part of a congregation of adults who believed in a God.

A room full of real poets

8:50am Thursday 1st March 2012

SOMEWHERE deep in my mind I had assumed poets were a bit like leprechauns... nice but essentially fictional.

I've got Fleeting Bambi syndrome

9:00am Thursday 23rd February 2012

THERE are two bright-eyed crows living above my attic room. Each morning I hear them chattering away in an uncannily human manner. They are like a pair of old men complaining at a bus stop.

Hugo cured my fear of needles

9:00am Thursday 16th February 2012

THEY say you should do one thing every day that scares you.

Leave me out of this romantic madness

9:10am Thursday 9th February 2012

VALENTINE’S Day is coming. Don’t worry, it’s not until Tuesday.

Don't mention the N word

9:00am Thursday 2nd February 2012

I’M NOT scared by heights, I don’t mind the dark, and I can cope with ghosts, small spaces, spiders or snakes.

A different way of seeing the landscape

9:10am Thursday 26th January 2012

On our summer holidays my dad would take us on walks and shoot photo after photo of the Welsh coastline.

Sexism comes in many forms

8:40am Thursday 19th January 2012

AS A teenager I didn’t get feminism. To me feminists were just a bunch of dungaree wearing, bra-burning twiners.

Swim to clear the decks

9:00am Thursday 12th January 2012

ON MOST mornings I can be heard stumbling around my second floor flat like the mad woman in the attic.

A book to exceed expectations

10:04am Thursday 5th January 2012

A good friend recommended that I read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I had some doubts.

Don't give up on giving up

9:10am Thursday 29th December 2011

IT IS time to pick New Year’s resolutions. The cynics will give up giving up – again – but for everyone else this is a genuine opportunity to start afresh.

Be thankful for cold and dark

2:41pm Tuesday 27th December 2011

I’M BACK from the Perkins’ family jaunt in Spain. In Gran Canaria, just as in Kendal, the shops and houses are gearing up for Christmas.

Rough looking Santa is surreal

1:40pm Thursday 15th December 2011

I AM standing under the shower in my childhood home when I first realise I am awake.

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