DURING the next five weeks chairman of Kendal Judo Club Peter Holme will use my blog to discuss the training programme of a group of boxers from the South Pacific at Kendal Dojo.

More than 200 people came to the Dojo, on Saturday, to witness a Charity International Boxing Tournament in aid of the Nauru fighters in Kendal as part of their preparation to qualify for the London 2012, Olympic Games.

Alvin Finch, International boxing referee and organiser of the event, was delighted with the turnout and felt there should be a lot more matches in Kendal.

He had particular praise for the Nauruan boxers who said had a high standard, which he felt was down to Ian Irwin’s training.

The former British Team Manager for three Olympic Games, Ian Irwin from Windermere, wasn’t disappointed with the results of his boxers bouts, although only one of the three who fought won.

He pointed out that their opponents who came from as far afield as Bolton, Chorley, Carlisle, Kirkham and Whitehaven had far more contest experience than the island’s fighters who are lucky if they get to one such match a year. He felt that the experience could be built on for the future.

Ian said the Dojo was an excellent venue, thanks to the work done by Mike Liptrot and the Kendal Judo Club members. He was also grateful to the enthusiastic and supportive audience who gave a great amount of encouraging shouts for the Nauru fighters.

They also raised, after expenses, £1,975 for the Nauruans which will be used to provide equipment to take back home when they leave at the beginning of August.

The boxing bouts provided some very good entertainment with a couple of controversies to give the spectators something to discuss.

Contest Results: Skill contests (for young novice boxers) – Trophy winners: E Grier (Barrow); L.Booth (Castle Hill, Bolton); K.Cornican (Castle Hill); A.Wilkinson (Carlisle Villa); J.Fleming (Barrow); J.Charney (Workington).

The ABA Contests: R.Cooksey (Barrow) beat DJ Maaki (Nauru) 22 – 8; J.Deireagea (Nauru) beat D.Johnstone (Castle Hill) 12 – 6; J.Shaw (Chorley) beat N.Dootson (Castle Hill) 9 – 5; J.Carton (Whitehaven) beat L.Surtees (Castle Villa) Referee stopped the contest; W.Hodgson (Kirkham) beat J.Ageidu (Nauru) Referee stopped the contest in the 2nd Round); T.Newton (Barrow) beat D.Salter (Ambleside) 13 – 3.