KENDAL Town’s board and new manager have pledged to fans that they want to bring the ‘good times’ back to Parkside Road.

The first ever Fans’ Forum, which took place at The Ivy Leaf Club, in Kent Street, was well-attended, with more than 50 people hearing how the club’s new grassroots approach is taking shape.

And new manager Steve Edmondson said he wanted to improve relations between fans and players.

Edmondson will bring the players into The Park Nightclub after the next home game, where fans will be able to announce their man of the match, and the player chosen will be given a bottle of wine.

It followed questions from long-term supporters Dave Mitchell and Barry Holmes, who were concerned that the link between the team and fans had gone, mainly because of the ongoing dispute between Kendal Town and the owners of The Park nightclub.

Mr Mitchell also said he believed that Kendal had gone backwards in recent years.

But sales manager Tom Roe defended the club, saying that if chairman Haydon Munslow hadn’t come in there would be no club.

He added later: “I believe we are the best run club in the league. I talk to other clubs and they cannot believe we survived without a clubhouse.”

Edmondson said he had faith in the squad and high hopes for the future.

“In this financial climate, the budget has been cut and I think it is time we realised that you can only pay players what you can afford.

“The players that we had here before only won five games in 30. We can improve on that. We have got to give these new players a chance. With the support we have in this room and the others, we will go forward as a team - all of us.”

Fan Phil Walker said he thought giving local players the opportunity to shine was a good strategy.

Munslow also spoke about how the club could move grounds in the future.

He told fans that if Clarks Shoes, which owns Parkside Road, sold the land the team may move to a new purpose-built stadium on Natland Road.