A HIGH Bentham golfer is celebrating after hitting a hole-in-one on the same flag for the second time in six weeks at Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club.

The incredible feat was accomplished by Mick Reid, who struck the hole-in-one on the par three third hole this Sunday, just a month and a half after doing exactly the same thing on the same hole, with the same hybrid club.

Before the amazing double achievement, Reid had only ever achieved one hole-in-one when he used to live in South Winchester 20 years ago.

“The first time the hole-in-one happened six weeks ago I just felt disbelief,” said the 63-year-old.

“You never believe you’re going to get anything like that so when I did it again on Sunday for the second time, I just totally couldn’t believe it.

“We were joking about it happening before the hole, and then it happened again. It bounced twice and then went straight in.”

Reid, who used to be in the Army, used the hybrid club because there was a strong wind coming into his face on the 185-yard hole, and twice now he has measured it to perfection.

He has been a member at Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club for around 16 years and plays off a handicap of eight.

But the feat has not been very good for his wallet. Whenever a hole-in-one is achieved, the player responsible usually buys a bottle of whiskey for everybody at the club to enjoy.

“It has cost me a bit of money but it’s good to put a nice bottle of whiskey on a tray for everyone there.”

Martin Robinson, Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club commercial manager, said he couldn’t remember an achievement like Reid’s ever occuring at the club before.

“A hole in one in golf is the perfect shot and is almost impossible,” he said.

“Many golfers strive to achieve this goal their whole lives without success, so for Mick to achieve this twice in the space of six weeks on the same hole is a major achievement and this has been a memorable time in Mick’s golfing career.

“A huge congratulations go to him from everyone at the club.”